Dramatic Makeup

By Wedie

This is my Student..She want to become my Make-up model

for my Electro flash lesson..

Nearly finish..

Elektro flash by me..



By Wedie
Make-up for Dragqueen photo shoot..

This One photoshoot of Sylvester being makeup by Me...

its a Natural Touch..

The truely make over..do you believe this..?
Make-up can change human looks and shows your sexuality


Makeup Saja-Saja

By Wedie
This is My Best Friend Nora

I Have done her Smooky Brown with a light lipstick to soften her face and looks Natural

This is Nora before Makeup

and She's DOne


Fashion SHow Makeup

By Wedie
This Madona Nandu Before MakeUp

and She's Done

Madona & Madelyne Nandu Joined The Fashion Show


AF Artist Make-Up

By Wedie

This is Linda Nanuwil's Video Clip SHooting

I have done Smooky Brown with a soft lipstick Colour

Touch up Time!

New! Album Launching at One Borneo KK
9 August 2008


Wedding's Make-Up

By Wedie


BRENDA'S WEDDING 08.08.o8This is Before Make-up

After Makeup & ready to go to church

Wedding Dinner Makeup



After Hair & Make-up ( going to the church )

Wedding dinner on the 18.may. 08

Leini Datuk Sri Musa Aman Wedding in Sandakan


Make-up akad Nikah

After Make-Up.

Make-Up for Malam Berinai.

taking photo after Make-Up

Nana wedding dinner 26.April.08

Simple light Make-Up to keep her Natural Beauty Look.

Side looks

Arin B.Dompok Wedding

BB's wedding (lahad Datu)